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hi, I want to know about RF treatment for tummy. where I can get that? How much does it cost ?

Hi Elizabeth there are many different forms of treatments that will tighten tummies,reduce fat, improve stretch marks etc....so much depends on what you are hoping to achieve and what treatments can best do this..how much time and money you are prepared to spend.... and also what is avilable in you [...] Read Full Answer

Is there any side effect for using RF in order to lift my breast?

No providing you choose your practitioner wisely...I would suggest a medical practitioner ( preferably a doctor) or at least somebody with genuine qualifications and experience in using RF.  That being said, i would encourage you to be very conservative in your expectation of how much RF is go [...] Read Full Answer

How do I get younger looking skin?

I think by optimising the health of your skin it will inevitably look more youthful and less damaged by the environment. by using effective skincare products that feed your skin leading to protection and repair. Follow this with treatments that support natural skin healing and facillitate the deliv [...] Read Full Answer

How do loose my belly fat?

by using effective techniques to help you lose weight, target the diet resistant fat and then maintain the weight loss. check out http://www.templemedical.co.uk/alizonne for more information on an effective weight loss and body contouring programme. ( 1 stone per month on average with 60% long [...] Read Full Answer

How Do I Get rid of bingo wings?

I would suggest coming for an assessment and then discussion with the skincare/ medical aesthetic expert on the various treatment options. these may include losing weight, focussed exercise, skincare, ultrasound, endermology and mesotherapyin order to provide the skin cells with the best nutrients. [...] Read Full Answer

Can I donate blood after my permanent cosmetic or medical tattooing treatment?

it is highly likely that you will NOT be allowed to donate blood or blood related products ( plasma) for at least a year after your permanent cosmetic or medical tattooing procedure. I would recommend disclosing this information at your initial assessment and then being guided by the response from t [...] Read Full Answer

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