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With over 30 years of Cosmetic Medical excellence, we are one of the largest Clinical Groups offering the widest range of Cosmetic treatments and procedures. 

The experience and expertise of our Medical Team is second to none, and we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of the industry for offering safe and effective Cosmetic treatments to suit our patient's requirements.

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I am sixty years old with chonic pain in my shoulder and back from the weight of my breast plus I have degenative oste and arthris am I too old for breast reduction other wise my heath is great.

Hi, a visit to your GP is often the best first step you can make for general advice. Our medical team have lots of experience treating a wide range of patients with various medical issues so a consultation, once you've seen your GP, could well be the next step. It's difficult to establish your suitability without seeing you.

It is important to look around at what treatments are available and ask yourself: do I want a minimally invasive or surgical procedure? Procedures like MicroLipo Breast Reduction offer many women just the kind of reduction they need for health and cosmetic reasons. If you are looking for a more extensive result, there is Reduction Mammoplasty or Breast Reduction surgery. It's not as scary as it sounds and with the right surgeon you will be treated as safely and effectively as possible. Scarring is kept as minimal as possible and hidden where possible. Make sure you choose a good clinic that will look after you long after your procedure, helping you every step along your treatment journey.

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