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Nu Cosmetic Clinic has an outstanding reputation as the leading provider of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments in Europe. Our customers are reassured by the high levels of safety and effectiveness in the treatments we offer.

Furthermore, Nu Cosmetic Clinic fulfils all the technical and legal requirements of local authorities for carrying out its professional medical aesthetic treatments. All surgical procedures are performed by fully qualified GMC registered plastic surgeons. 

We are regulated by CQC. 

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i am looking to find someone that can help me with my bald patch?

We will be happy to help and we do offer Free Consultation with surgeons. Please ring on 0800 0 30 29 30. Thanks [...] Read Full Answer

Where can I get a Brazilian butt lift or fat transfer in the UK

Mr Rochira at Nu Cosmetic do does buttock lift and fat transfer procedure. Please ring us on 0800 0 30 29 30 and we will be happy to help. Thanks [...] Read Full Answer

I\\\'m trying to find a surgeon who specialises in a thread facelift.. Is it quite a difficult procedure to get done as the only place whivh seems to offer this is in London?

Hi There are several surgeons who do Thread Lift. We do these treatment in our Liverpool/Manchester/Newcastle clinic. Regards [...] Read Full Answer

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

A beam of laser is trained on the base of the hair follicle, reducing hair growth without damaging the surrounding area. Once the hair follicles have been treated, they are unlikely to re-grow (except under exceptional circumstances, if the client suffers from hormonal disorders, for instance), [...] Read Full Answer

After Vaser Liposuction how long do I need to wear a compression garment?

We suggest to wear a compression garment for minimum 6-8 weeks. Regards [...] Read Full Answer

hi, I want to know about RF treatment for tummy. where I can get that? How much does it cost ?

Hi We do offer these treatment in our clinics across North West and Midlands. Please ring on 0800 0 30 29 30 for more information. [...] Read Full Answer

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