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Joanne is a Harely Street Skin Specialist and Facialist with 22 years expereince in skincare. Her Company, English Rose Skin, are the Distributors and UK Trainers, for high end Celebrity brands - Epicuren Discovery and Karora Tan.

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Why isn't there a way to get rid of acne immediately and permanently?

However, all of them will take time and consistency to deliver results and these results can vary from person to person. Anything that changes in the body takes time, just as losing weight takes time and dedication, so do other changes in the body and this includes acne. No-one really knows why one person suffers more than the next but the medical profession does know that there is a genetic link. For anyone suffering from acne, here is one condition I always encourage the sufferer to meet with their GP and then visit a very specialist clinic that specialises in Aesthetic medi -spa treatments. Here the specialist will discuss with you a number of treatments available from laser, IPL to peels and they will not know which to prescribe until they have seen your particular type of acne. As importantly, this specialist will go through very specific ingredients that need to be used as part of a homecare routine, which can be just as powerful as Clinic treatments. Using these three specialist routes, WILL deliver results but allow the body to take it's time in healing and changing and you will be very pleased with the time and investment you have made.

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