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Joanne is a Harely Street Skin Specialist and Facialist with 22 years expereince in skincare. Her Company, English Rose Skin, are the Distributors and UK Trainers, for high end Celebrity brands - Epicuren Discovery and Karora Tan.

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What is a good moisturizer to wear during the day?

A moisturiser is just that. Its sole purpose is to use its mixture of oil and water to restore and maintain moisture levels. As modern skincare technology has become so advanced this product can now be very complex and incorporate many different ingredients to tackle other issues alongside hydration. My personal philosophy is your skin is exceptionally good at looking after itself and key assistance is needed to help maintain moisture levels and retard the aging process as much as is possible. So, with this in mind keep your day moisturisers light and keep them simple. Use a separate treatment serum that specifically targets your areas of concerns and use your moisturiser to layer on top and seal in the ingredients and your skin’s moisture levels. This way, you will keep your skincare very specific, simple and allow your skin to function well without overloading it with too many ingredients.

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