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Joanne is a Harely Street Skin Specialist and Facialist with 22 years expereince in skincare. Her Company, English Rose Skin, are the Distributors and UK Trainers, for high end Celebrity brands - Epicuren Discovery and Karora Tan.

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For months I have been suffering acne like spots on my face and some under the skin surface so painful now and then. And have been avoiding product because makes it worse like sort of rosea what can I do? What treatment could help clear it? Is it hormones aged 48 nearly am wondering. Just would like a clear skin again instead of foundation hiding it. I have even used hydrocortisone cream to keep it down but not pleasant.

This is a very difficult situation for you to be in, particularly during your Forties when you feel you should be passed problematic skin and enjoying life!

I think there are probably a number of issues occurring here and a visit to a specialist to have a look in person is essential to start with. Your skin is a window through to your inner health and something here is a little out of balance. A Skin specialist will help you to use very specific ingredients that will tackle your unique problems, without confusing your skin further.  

It is likely that there are a multitude of reasons for this type of problem to be occurring and yes changes in hormones can certainly be one of them. It is important to look at your lifestyle also and ask how yourself how stress levels are for example. Have you been through a particularly difficult time recently? Are you taking any new medications at all?

You can only address some of the above issues and whilst stress can be tackled to some degree, it often tends to overtake us. One thing that you can really take a look at, to help the healing process, is your food intake. So speak to a specialist if you can but try to get a very well balanced diet with lots of vegetables, fruits and proteins but really concentrate on makings sure you are eating a varied range of foods to ensure your are getting all the correct nutrients. This really can make a difference to our skin.


Good luck.

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