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Joanne is a Harely Street Skin Specialist and Facialist with 22 years expereince in skincare. Her Company, English Rose Skin, are the Distributors and UK Trainers, for high end Celebrity brands - Epicuren Discovery and Karora Tan.

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Why isn't there a way to get rid of acne immediately and permanently?

However, all of them will take time and consistency to deliver results and these results can vary from person to person. Anything that changes in the body takes time, just as losing weight takes time and dedication, so do other changes in the body and this includes acne. No-one really knows why [...] Read Full Answer

For months I have been suffering acne like spots on my face and some under the skin surface so painful now and then. And have been avoiding product because makes it worse like sort of rosea what can I do? What treatment could help clear it? Is it hormones aged 48 nearly am wondering. Just would like a clear skin again instead of foundation hiding it. I have even used hydrocortisone cream to keep it down but not pleasant.

This is a very difficult situation for you to be in, particularly during your Forties when you feel you should be passed problematic skin and enjoying life! I think there are probably a number of issues occurring here and a visit to a specialist to have a look in person is essential to start with [...] Read Full Answer

What is a good moisturizer to wear during the day?

A moisturiser is just that. Its sole purpose is to use its mixture of oil and water to restore and maintain moisture levels. As modern skincare technology has become so advanced this product can now be very complex and incorporate many different ingredients to tackle other issues alongside hydration [...] Read Full Answer

How I can help lessen/get rid of stretch marks?

The dreaded stretch marks. I have lost count of how many times I have been asked this question and after 22 years, I know this affects and upsets many people and not just women. Stretch marks are a scar from the tearing of Dermis due to the skin being over stretched. At the time they are creat [...] Read Full Answer

Summer and The Wrinkle.

Now the summer is in full swing, most of us are a little bit fed up with hearing advice about sunscreens and making sure we cover up, wear a hat etc. We know why we have to do it! However, I think it is nice to really understand what actually happens to our skin in the sun that make the experts [...] Read Full Article

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