Light Touch Clinic
210 High Street

Light Touch is an anti-ageing clinic in the heart of Surrey specialising in non-surgical surgical procedures such as dermal fillers (Juvederm/Restylane), radio frequency skin-tightening, (INTRAcel) and treatments for wrinkles, acne, rosacea and pigmentation.
The clinic is led by Dr Natalie Blakely, an award winning cosmetic medicine specialist who worked in one of Harley Street's best-known cosmetic medicine clinics before bringing her expertise to Surrey.

Questions & Answers

Since losing weight my face looks gaunt

Before dermal fillers there was a choice. Retain a youthful face and lose your figure or maintain a slim body but lose youthful volume from your face. These days you can have both, but there’s a definite art to getting the balance right.

As we age we age we experience something called atrophy, this is where our skin loses volume and starts to head south. As bad luck would have it, atrophy is more apparent if you lose weight or are of a slim build as less fat equals less volume. If you feel you face is looking increasingly hollow or gaunt then it might be time to consider dermal fillers.

The difficulty many practitioners have with fillers is getting the balance right. Too little and the patient won’t notice a difference. Too much and their cheeks or lips will look inflated and false and you may end up with a visible demarcation line where the filler ends.

When choosing a practitioner it’s very important the he or she has a good eye for what looks natural. Ask to see before and after examples of their work. Take a long a picture of yourself from a few years ago illustrating how you would like to look now. In addition check out how the reception staff look. Do they have trout pouts or chipmunk cheeks?  If so be warned! Always check the accreditation credentials of your practitioner – are they medically trained, are they a member of the BCAM, is the clinic QCC registered? Anyone can administer dermal fillers in the UK as the frequent horror stories in the media testify.

My approach with dermal fillers is to replace lost volume but not put back what wasn’t there in the first place. I only use the FDA approved hyaluronic acid fillers Restylane and Juvaderm which last for around 6-12 months before being absorbed by the body.

I only use small amounts of filler which I infuse very slowly. This gives me complete control over the amount that’s going in. I focus on the temples, cheek and jowl area restoring youthful volume in a predictable and natural way and by spacing treatments around 6 weeks apart I have time to assess the effects and stop when the desired effect is achieved.

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