Light Touch Clinic
210 High Street

Light Touch is an anti-ageing clinic in the heart of Surrey specialising in non-surgical surgical procedures such as dermal fillers (Juvederm/Restylane), radio frequency skin-tightening, (INTRAcel) and treatments for wrinkles, acne, rosacea and pigmentation.
The clinic is led by Dr Natalie Blakely, an award winning cosmetic medicine specialist who worked in one of Harley Street's best-known cosmetic medicine clinics before bringing her expertise to Surrey.

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I'm looking for a natural alternative to Botox and dermal fillers

INTRAcel is a fantastic new skin tightening treatment that delivers radio frequency heat energy below the surface of the skin through hundreds of hair-fine insulated needles. This heat energy prompts the skin to produce collagen and elastin, the building blocks of smooth, youthful skin. The sp [...] Read Full Answer

Since losing weight my face looks gaunt

Before dermal fillers there was a choice. Retain a youthful face and lose your figure or maintain a slim body but lose youthful volume from your face. These days you can have both, but there’s a definite art to getting the balance right. As we age we age we experience something called atrophy [...] Read Full Answer

What's a Y-Lift?

According to countless studies high cheek bones and a soft but well-defined jaw are the biggest subconscious indicators of youth. It even has a name – the triangle of youth! But as we all know few things in life are as inevitable as gravity's toll on our skin, so  [...] Read Full Answer

How can I make sure my injector doesnt give me a \\\'pillow face\\\'?

Do your homework! You should look for a trained practitioner who is knowledgeable of the anatomy of the face, the dosages required and who is technically proficient in the administration dermal fillers. They key is to replacing lost volume, not volume that wasn't there in th [...] Read Full Answer

I have pigmentation on my cheeks is there any treatment for this?

Pigmentation is caused by increased levels of melanin, the pigment in skin that produces a tan. It can be the result of injury, inflammation (after a treatment, like laser), sun damage or hormonal changes during pregnancy (which can cause a condition called melasma). Birthmarks and freckles are a di [...] Read Full Answer

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