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Mr Gittos is widely recognised throughout the UK and Europe, including London and Essex, in the field of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

He pioneered immediate skin, nipple and breast reconstruction surgeries following mastectomy to given these patients a result that looked entirely normal. 

This a profoundly important factor in the well being and recovery of women who are recovering from breast cancer.

His philosophy is that it is essential to apply trusted cosmetic surgical principles to reconstructive surgery for breast, skin, hand,burns or trauma patients.

In terms of cosmetic surgery Mr Gittos is well versed in the latest techniques which he combines with a strong foundation provided by decades of international surgical experience. 

He has performed over 4000 breast enlargements in his 20 years as a Specialist Plastic Surgeon and has lectured on and taught breast surgery over the globe in locstions incuding New Zealand, Australia, Sweden and Europe. 

His preferred cosmetic surgical procedures are: Breast Reduction, Uplifts,Enlargements; Eyelid and Facial Rejuvenation Surgery; Body contouring procedures including:Tummy Tuck, Gynaecomastia, Arm/Thigh Reduction and Liposculpture.

Questions & Answers

What are the common risks associated with breast surgery?

Like all surgical procedures, breast enlargement exposes patients to potentially hazardous mistakes and side effects. We've all heard our fair share of stories on the news about breast implants gone wrong. Common mistakes of bad breast surgery include bleeding, scarring, disfiguration, and infection. These are all serious mistakes that patients should consider before going under the knife. Additionally, these conditions can lead to more severe illnesses if not treated properly.

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