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Specialist in VASER Lipo 4D body sculpting & non-surgical facial aesthetics. Owner of the multi-award winning Riverbanks Clinics.

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How can I get rid of or lessen Keloid scars?

It is possible to reduce Keloid scars with steroid injections, carboxytherapy (Rioblush) and even microneedling or fractional lasers.  [...] Read Full Answer

How can I get rid of the deep vertical lines on my upper lip?

Restylane Vital Light or Emervel Touch are good dermal fillers for these stubborn lines. Sometimes, though, fractional laser resurfacing is necessary for best results. [...] Read Full Answer

How often do you need botox?

Patients typically require botulinum toxin injections 3 x a year for the first couple of years treatment to maintain natural looking results. Some patients are lucky and get up to 6 months efficacy, while others have been over treated and look frozen in order to get a longer duration. [...] Read Full Answer

what is crowtox?

I believe its using botulinum toxin injections around the crows feet (smile lines) around the eyes. The Botulinum Toxin will reduce the stength of the mucle contraction causing the crows feet and so reduces the apeearance of these wrinkles. It can really make you look less tired. [...] Read Full Answer

Do you get better results with radio frequency than ultrasound?

We have used ultrasound and radiofrequency for non-invasive body treatments and have found that ultrasound produces more consistent results with more happy patients. In fact, for a selection of patients it can be a real alternative to liposuction. [...] Read Full Answer

How does Posh Spice stay so slim?

Probably with a combination of extreme dedication to a clean diet and strength & conditioning programme. She has a great incentive to look well - her career depends on it! [...] Read Full Answer

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