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I am a freelance Beauty Therapist based in Rutland, offering the latest in Beauty and Make Up. I studied at the prestigious Cambridge School of Beauty Therapy in 2007 with students from all over the world and qualified with two international diplomas.
I have spent my years working on board cruise liners as a skincare specialist, in luxury spas such as Whittlebury Hall as well as running my own Salon.

I now work in my own salon in Rutland. I specialise in the latest in Brow Artistry, Airbase Silicone Make up and SkinBase Microdermabrasion. I have always had a passion for skincare and I work closely with my clients to help them achieve flawless skin, through lifestyle changes, alternative skincare routines and weekly SkinBase facials.

Every customer is an individual and therefore their treatment is unique to them. I have found through carrying out an extensive consultation and taking time to get to know clients ensures loyalty, trust and a long term relationships. Most of my business comes via referral and the treatments I do often speak for themselves.

Each client is emailed aftercare advice as well as any additional information they may require such as step by step guides and I regularly update my social media pages with daily hints and tips. I use carefully selected products to ensure customers receive the best possible treatment. I try to offer something different and always look for quality over quantity. If a client is not suited to a treatment I will suggest an alternative.

Nothing is ever too much for my clients, even if it means staying until 10pm to fit them in before their holiday I will always do my best to make sure people feel and look fabulous.

Questions & Answers

I am getting married soon – what can I do between now and then to minimise the chances of having any spots on my big day? I usually get about one spot per month around my chin area.

Spots on the chin can often be attributed to hormones hence the once a month occurrence. You could try a course of SkinBase microdermabrasion to help keep your skin in good condition between now and your big day. If you happen to feel a spot coming on (this happened the night before my wedding) use some neat tea tree oil (avaliable at health shops) and apply to the affected area which should keep the spot from turning from a papule to pustule and will dry the spot out.

To find a skinbase salon you can visit their website and do a postcode search. I hope you have a wonderful wedding.

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