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Im a man and have unwanted hair how can get rid?


Hair removal may be stereo-typically thought of in terms of treatment for women. However, nowadays there are many men who seek attention for unwanted hair on the body, or the face.

Fashion dictates a “groomed look” and most men will spend some time weekly removing unwanted hair beyond their daily shaving routines, as excessive hair is often viewed as unattractive.

  • Trimming the hair between the eyebrows to avoid “mono-brow”
  • There are those for whom sporting interests dictate lack of body hair – e.g. body builders or athletes, whose performance and image are improved without excessive body hair. e.g. cyclists’ legs, body-builders’ chests
  • Some men are unusually hairy and may wish hair removal for cosmetic and confidence reasons e.g. hairy back or chest

There are a number of options for dealing with excessive or unwanted hair.

Shaving is probably the most popular form of male hair removal, although it can result in unpleasant consequences, such as rashes, razor burn or ingrowing hairs. In addition, results are very short term, so most men shave daily in order to keep stubble at bay (some shave more than once a day).

There are even hair removal creams directed at the male market and increasing numbers of men seek professional waxing for a smooth result.

However, for long-term results, laser hair removal offers the “gold-standard” treatment for ultimate hair removal effect.


Laser hair removal is very appealing for men who wish to find long-term reduction of their hair.

Using the very latest laser technology, the laser actually destroys the follicles from which hair grow, so that it literally cannot grow back.

As hair tends to grow in “cycles”, a course of laser hair removal is required to tackle the maximum number of follicles in the active phase.

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