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Ho can I get rid of unwanted hair ?

UNWANTED HAIRWOMEN / FEMALE HIRSUTISM The normal amount of facial and bodily hair for a woman does vary. However, any facial or bodily hair that is causing embarrassment or inconvenience could be viewed as a problem. Most women will have some fine hair on the top lip, chin, chest, abdomen, or back [...] Read Full Answer

What is sun damage and how do I treat it ?

SUN DAMAGE It seems very unfair… a natural sun-kissed tan makes us look healthy and glowing. And a bit of warmth on our faces simply makes us feel good.  However, the effects of sun exposure on your skin can be ageing and at worst, devastating. While some of the damage is merely cosme [...] Read Full Answer

Im a man and have unwanted hair how can get rid?

UNWANTED HAIR – MEN Hair removal may be stereo-typically thought of in terms of treatment for women. However, nowadays there are many men who seek attention for unwanted hair on the body, or the face. Fashion dictates a “groomed look” and most men will spend some time weekly [...] Read Full Answer

I hate my laughing lines what treatments do you suggest to have ?

NOSE TO MOUTH LINES Also called “naso-labial folds”, the lines running between your nose and the corners of your mouth can become more pronounced with age.  Environmental factors such as sun exposure and smoking can exaggerate and/or accelerate the appearance of these creases [...] Read Full Answer

What should you do in your 20's

IN YOUR 20S In your 20’s your skin is at its best. You shouldn’t be troubled by fine lines and wrinkles. However, this is the time to think about putting any acne behind you and preventing premature ageing in the future. ACNE Acne issues should generally be tended to by your NHS GP in [...] Read Full Answer

I have acne what can I do ?

ACNE Acne is surprisingly common – in fact, it is the most common skin condition in the UK, affecting an estimated 80% of the population at some point.  Although it is commonly associated with puberty and the teenage years, it can continue into adulthood with some people suffering into [...] Read Full Answer

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