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Backed by 25 years of hair growth research, Viviscal Professional supplements contain the unique proprietary ingredient AminoMar C™ and are scientifically proven in 9 clinical studies to nourish from within for thicker, fuller hair. Viviscal is the no.1 selling hair supplement in the US and is recommended by leading dermatologists worldwide.  

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Is Propecia safe?

Propecia, also known medically as Finasteride, can be used by men suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia (Male Pattern Baldness) which is caused by a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone, sometimes referred to by medical practitioners as DHT. Although men can take Propecia it should not be taken by women.

As with any drug, side affects can be experienced. If any side effects are a concern, or you wish to seek an alternative treatment, there are several options. We suggest seeking advice from an expert, visit our website for a list of clinics and Doctors who specailise in hair loss, such as Ziering Medical, Dr Shotter at Illuminate Skin clinic, The Private Clinic, Jill Zander clinic or Dr Sister to name a few.

Viviscal Professional is a drug free supplement that is an ideal alternative to Propecia. It works by prolonging the Anagen phase of the hair, (growing stage) and feeding essentail nutrients to the root for healthy hair growth. We have 9 clinical studies proving the efficiacy of Viviscal and our unqiue active ingredient Amino Mar C.

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