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Clare McLoughlin has been a general nurse since 1988 and is an Independent Nurse Prescriber and advanced procedure aesthetic nurse and trainer with more than 18 years experience in the aesthetic field.

As a recognised aesthetic trainer, Clare is known for her professional approach and skill in the field of aesthetics and has appeared on a number of television programmes performing injectable aesthetic treatments.

After working as a practitioner for Transform Medical group 2001-2003, Clare started her own business - Appearance Based Medicine - in 2004, to enable her to provide the highest level of patient care and satisfaction.

Clare has been an advanced techniques trainer in Botulinum toxin treatments and Skin fillers for National Cosmetic Courses since 2004.

Questions & Answers

I’ve heard that 'Botox' is a toxin - is this true? Is it dangerous?

Botox® is a type of Botulinum Toxin type A.  It is a prescription-only medication primarily used in cosmetic treatments and procedures, where appropriate, for the temporary improvement of lines and wrinkles caused by expression and muscle movement.  It has been licensed for use to safe [...] Read Full Answer

Question - What do Dermal Fillers actually do? And how can I avoid 'Trout Pout' from Lip injections?

Dermal fillers are used to replace volume in areas where, as the age and the production of collagen and elastin in our cells reduces, the skin has lost its fullness and elasticity - areas like the cheeks and lips.  Dermal Fillers can also help to soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles, mak [...] Read Full Answer

I suffer with excess sweating and it is causing some real issues. How can I treat this?

Sweating is one of the most important ways through which the body loses heat; it is a natural and normal process.  However, some people suffer from excessive sweating, which is also known as Hyperhidrosis. These men and women find that, due to over activity of the eccrine sweat gland, they prod [...] Read Full Answer

Is Sculptor safe & effective?

Sculptra is very safe and effective.  It's not an overnight miracle/quick fix.  It's long-lasting. Sculptra is the first facial injectable that gives you subtle results over time. It does this by replacing lost collagen. This gives you a more natural-looking appearance, with [...] Read Full Answer

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