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Eva Sanchez is the Managing Director of Recova Post Surgery.

Recova Post Surgery is the UK leading supplier of post-surgery compression garments and post-surgical bras.

Please contact Eva with any questions you may have. 

Questions & Answers

Who is Recova Post Surgery?

RECOVA® Post-Surgery

RECOVA® Post-Surgery is a UK-based supplier of the highest quality compression garments post-surgery bras and slimming garments. Our garments are made in Spain using lab-tested medical-grade fabrics with a high percentage of LYCRA® for firm and even compression, and soft polyamide microfibre for comfort and durability over long periods of continuous wear. Our garments stretch and flex with your movements like a second skin, allowing for maximum comfort during normal activity.

RECOVA® Post-Surgery provide garments with:-

  • Medical-grade firm and durable compression
  • Breathable and antibacterial 4-way stretch fabrics
  • Optimal LYCRA® and soft polyamide microfibre content
  • Flat seams and front or side-mounted fastenings
  • Three adjustable fastenings to allow for swelling
  • Front opening post-surgery bras with wide padded shoulder straps
  • Stylish post-surgical bras in a range of different fabrics (blends with cotton, LYCRA® and microfibre with aloe vera microcapsules)


Eva Sanchez is the founder and managing director of RECOVA® Post-Surgery, the UK sole distributor of VOE garments based in London.

You can visit us at


Tel: 0207 000 1044

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