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What does it cost to replace 6 porcelain veneers?

Costs vary depending on the what is involved in a case.  I offer a £25 cosmetic consultation to be able to discuss what is involved with the veneer process, the cadcam techniwues I use to allow the veneers to be completed in a day and a guide to the costs involved.  Please contact my [...] Read Full Answer

Is it legal for a dentist to perform Botox?

No - but they should have been trained in the specific procedure [...] Read Full Answer

What is a dental implant - my dentist said I should look into it and find out more info

A dental implant is a titanium screw placed into the jaw bone that can be used to support teeth or dentures  [...] Read Full Answer

I am pregnant and I heard that oral hygiene is especially important during pregnancy. Why is that?

During pregnancy you have hormonal changes that can cause preblems with your gum health. There is also some evidence to link gum disease with low birth weights [...] Read Full Answer

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