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Breast Implants


Eurosurgical Breast Implants

Eurosurgical Ltd exclusively distributes throughout Great Britain and Ireland the Silimed range of breast implants, tissue expanders and other body implants. The range of Silimed Polyurethane Surface implants include:

  • Round – low, high and extra-high projection
  • Teardrop – low, moderate, high and extra-high projection
  • Anatomical shaped – moderate and high projection
  • Oval shaped – low, moderate and high projection
  • Conical – low, moderate, high and extra-high
  • Complimentary Breast “add-on’s” are also available as either as “stand alone” or “stacked” with another implant.

Mentor Breast Implants

Mentor has made breast implant devices for more than 20 years in the United States. Mentor’s silicone-gel-filled breast implants are comprised of a thick, cohesive gel called MemoryGel®. It is designed to hold its shape, yet remain soft, to retain the more natural feel that resembles actual breast tissue. This gel is contained within a solid silicone elastomer shell, and differs from some firmer, anatomically shaped products that are not as soft. For women considering breast reconstruction or augmentation, Mentor offers a variety of specialized products tailored to the personal needs of women considering these procedures, including multiple choices in size, shape and surface texture.

Nagor Breast Implants

Nagor is the only wholly-owned British company dedicated to the design, manufacture and supply of high quality silicone breast implants. Their range includes the silicone gel-filled implants

  • CoGel
  • Impleo
  • GFX
  • RGI

Surgilink Breast Implants

Surgilink produce the SeBBin Laboratories silicone cohesive gel mammary implants. They claim that using these implants will result in a smaller incision, less wrinkling and a more natural shape. The makers of the high-fill SeBBin implant also claim that the implant has showed itself to be good at avoiding scarring problems.

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