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What Is Self-Tanning?


Since the creation of the bikini women have been striving to achieve the perfect Midas look and there are many different methods of tanning available to the general public ranging from direct sun bathing, sun beds, sun capsules, sunless tanning lotions and the newest of all methods, spray tanning. The good news is

it has now become more fashionable to have a more natural looking tan so don’t spend all your efforts trying to look like you’ve just been lying in the sun for six weeks!

We started to learn about skin cancer (melanoma) caused by ultra violet rays from the sun in the 1960’s and the beauty industry started looking for alternative tanning methods. There is now no need to expose yourself directly to sun damage in order to avoid the long term effects. Here we are going to take a look at some of the options available to maintain a bronzed body and the associated risks and benefits of each.

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