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What Is A Thigh-Lift?


What is a thigh lift or thigh reduction?

A thigh lift or thigh reduction is a cosmetic surgery procedure done to tighten sagging muscles and remove excess skin in the thigh area. Many women are concerned about the size and shape of their thighs. The classic English ‘pear shape’ means that lots of women store fat in this area and find it difficult to shift with diet and exercise alone. Thigh reduction surgery can greatly improve the body contour and give you a renewed sense of confidence. Thigh lift cosmetic surgery can be performed in conjunction with other procedures such as liposuction, lower body lift and a thigh and buttock lift.

Am I a Candidate? A thigh lift or ‘thighplasty’ is part of a cosmetic surgery procedure called body contouring. It is designed to remove large amounts of skin and fat from the hips and thighs, so ideal candidates for thigh lift surgery are those who are a classic ‘pear shape’ and carry most of their excess weight on their lower body.

Before Surgery – before surgery it is essential to have a detailed consultation with your cosmetic surgeon to clarify which treatment is right for you. Often, a thigh lift and a liposuction procedure are performed at the same time, so the chances are that you may need both treatments to achieve the desired result.  Learn more about what happens before thigh lift surgery.

During Surgery – During a thigh lift procedure, the cosmetic surgeon will make incisions along the inner and/or outer thighs, depending where the excess fat is stored. Elliptical segments of skin and underlying fat are removed from the thigh areas and the remaining skin and tissue are lifted to achieve a tightening and smoothing effect. After a thigh lift operation, firm elastic bandages are applied to support the area.

The thigh lift procedure will usually take around 2-3 hours, depending on the extent of work required, and whether any combined procedures such as liposuction are involved.

Recovery – Depending on the length of the operation, you may be allowed go home after a few hours, or remain in hospital for a couple of days. Most patients require at least 14 days of recovery time after thigh lift surgery and it will be 4-6 weeks before you can resume vigorous activity. Find out more about the recovery period for thigh lift plastic surgery.

Benefits – A thigh lift cosmetic surgery procedure is designed to remove excess loose and sagging skin to reshape the thighs. The operation is designed to tighten the skin and deep tissue, so is often combined with liposuction to simultaneously remove any excess fat.

Risks and Complications – Expect substantial discomfort during the healing process following a thigh lift procedure. The thigh area is likely to be bruised and swollen for several weeks, with some numbness of the skin a common side effect for several weeks post-surgery. Rare risks and complications following the procedure include infection, a reaction to the anaesthesia, blood or fluid collection underneath the skin, nerve damage, blood clots, and an irregular or ‘lop-sided’ appearance of the thighs after the operation. Find out more about the risks associated with thigh lift plastic surgery.

Thigh Lift Cost – The cost of a thigh lift surgery procedure can range from £5000-£6000, although the cost may be considerably more if other treatments such as liposuction are also required.

Choosing a Thigh Lift Cosmetic Surgeon – Only fully trained and qualified plastic surgeons should perform thigh lift surgery. This is not a commonly performed procedure in the UK, so is particularly important to find a cosmetic surgeon who specialises in thigh lift procedures.

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