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Consultation with a Plastic Surgeon

Before having your initial consultation with an aesthetic practitioner you should have done some of your own research about the treatments and procedures you are considering having. It is important to make an informed decision about the practitioner you have chosen based on their qualifications and experience, the facilities at their clinic/hospital and any recommendations you may have been given.

Your consultation will be different depending on the type and complexity of the procedure you are having, and the type of specialist (surgeon, dentist, nurse etc) you are visiting – a consultation for cosmetic surgery, for example, would usually be longer and more in depth than a consultation for a chemical peel or fillers. However there are some similarities in the consultation process which we have explained below to answer some of your questions.

Whether you are opting for a non-surgical or surgical treatment, a medical history should be taken to ensure that there are no reasons why you shouldn’t have the procedure. If you are having cosmetic dental work, your dentist will run through your oral health and dental history. Before you go ahead with any treatment, you would normally be asked to read detailed information and sign a consent form which confirms that you have understood the potential benefits and risks associated with the procedure.

It is common for practitioners to take photographs during the consultation as a ‘before and after’ comparison is essential at a later date to ensure you are happy with your results. Tips for your consultation:

  • Set out what you expect from the procedure and how you would like to look afterwards.
  • Discuss with your specialist the reasons for wanting your chosen procedure, as your suitability for this type of treatment is very important at this stage.
  • Make sure you discuss the areas you would like to enhance and learn about which procedures will produce the best results to help you to make a fully informed choice.
  • Use the consultation to ensure that the specialist you are seeing has the qualifications and experience to deliver optimal results around their chosen procedure.
  • Ask your specialist how many procedures they have performed of this kind. For example if you are wanting a breast augmentation, it is much better to go to a cosmetic surgeon who specialises and has performed numerous breast procedures.
  • The consultation is a good opportunity to view photos of other patients that have had the same procedure, which your specialist has performed. However this does not necessarily guarantee that you will achieve the same result. It is important that your expectations are realistic.

For more detailed information on consultations, visit our Find a Specialist section where you will find videos on the profile pages of our featured clinics explaining the consultation process at their practice.

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