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What Is A Breast-Lift?


A breast lift procedure, also known as a mastopexy, can lift and shape the breasts to make the chest more pert, and the procedure is often done in conjunction with breast implants to restore volume.  As we age, the skin becomes less elastic, often causing the skin to sag and the breasts to droop. Pregnancy and breast-feeding can also take their toll, making the bust less firm and perky than it was in your youth. Rapid weight loss or yo-yo dieting are other contributing factors. Once you lose the fullness and shape in your breasts, it is very difficult to restore without surgery.

Am I a Candidate for breast lift?

With age, weight loss or childbirth, the breasts may lose their shape and tone, so that the breast tissues begin to sag and eventually the nipples point downwards. Ideal candidates for breast lift surgery are those who wish to restore a perky, youthful shape to the breasts.

Before Breast lift Surgery

While breast-lift surgery can enhance your appearance and improve your confidence, you need to have realistic expectations about the benefits of the procedure in order to make an informed decision. Your age, the size and shape of your breasts and the condition of your skin will all affect the outcome of the procedure so it is important to have a detailed consultation with a cosmetic surgeon to see if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure, and if you will also require any additional treatments such as breast implants to achieve the desired results.

During Breast lift Surgery

During a breast lift procedure, the surgeon will make two incisions: one underneath the breast, following the natural curve, and another from the nipple down towards the bottom of the breast, in the shape of an anchor. Excess skin will then be removed and the nipple and areola are moved to a higher position. The skin surrounding the areola is then pulled tightly down and together to reshape the breast, then the breast will be stitched together to hold the new shape. The entire procedure takes around 3-4 hours.

Recovery from Breast Lift Surgery

While some patients may be up and about in a day or two after a breast lift procedure, you should allow for 1-2 weeks of recovery time before resuming normal activities post-surgery. Click here to learn more about the breast-lift recovery.

Benefits of Breast Lift

A breast lift is a surgical procedure that can improve the shape of sagging breasts by raising the breast tissue, repositioning the nipple and enhancing breast shape. In restoring youthful pertness to the chest, a breast lift procedure can also boost confidence and self-esteem.

Risks and Complications  of Breast lift Surgery

Your breasts will be tender and swollen after this operation, with bruising and swelling subsiding after a couple of weeks. As with all surgery, there is always a possibility of rare side effects or complications including infection, a reaction to the anaesthesia, bleeding and nerve damage.  A breast lift procedure will leave scars, which will be very noticeable at first but will fade over time. It is also important to remember that a breast lift will not make breasts firm forever: the effects of gravity, pregnancy, ageing and weight fluctuations will eventually take their toll again and your breasts may alter in shape and firmness. Women who have breast implants at the same time as a breast lift may find the results last longer. Learn more about breast-lift complications.

Breast-Lift Cost – The cost of a breast lift cosmetic surgery procedure is usually between £4,500 and £5,500.

Choosing a Breast-Lift Surgeon – It is important to choose a reputable, experienced cosmetic surgeon for a breast lift procedure. Many cosmetic surgeons specialise in breast surgery, so select a practitioner with expertise who you trust.

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