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Job Opportunities

You will be working with one of the U.K’s largest consumer beauty and aesthetic website. is leading the way with some of the latest technology and Internet tools to educate and entertain its consumers. Our company has a number of sales and marketing personnel, journalists, film and production, web and online marketing experts.

We have over a 2000 pages of education on the website with nearly 200 educational videos. also films and hosts the first ever online chat show through its WebTv talking with experts and exploring the myths behind some of the misconceptions with the industry. We use the power of social media and video and have this as an integral part of our business model and for the marketing of our clients.

Media Sales Roles

We are always looking for individuals around the U.K and Ireland that can call on a number of beauty professionals, cosmetic surgeons, dentists and spas and sell them advertising and video packages for and other marketing services we offer. If you are interested and want a full job description, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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