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Dr Davin Lim, highly reputed Cosmetic and Laser Dermatologist, is the Founder and Head of Training for Fiori.  Dr Lim is an expert in laser management and is Australia's pioneer in Coolsculpting treatments. He has published in international journals and presented at national and international meetings and conferences, with over 20 credits to his name.  Dr Lim also overseas the laser and cosmetic division of Westside Dermatology and has been recognised as Top Social Influencer in Laser and Aesthetic Dermatology, winning the RealSelf 100 Award.

Fiori exists to offer you the opportunity to be your best self.  We aim to shake up the stigna around improving yourself, and encourage you to be who you are without being afraid to explore your potential - there is no judgement at Fiori, only encouragement.

Your skin and body are unique to you.  We offer bespoke treatments tailored to your individual needs.  Using only clinically proven science and technology, our range of services include cosmetic injectables, body contouring, skin tightening, feathertouch brow tattooing, laser hair and tattoo removal, laser skin treatments and skin rejuvenation. 

Our team are highly trained and experts in our field.  They undergo rigourous training and professional development consistently throughout the year to ensure they stay up to date with industry standards.

The Fiori Experience is when exceptional customer service couples with the latest results driven technology, performed by qualified therapists, to ensure our clients achieve their desired outcomes.

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Can laser genesis treatments be combined with other forms of therapy?

Thankyou for your inquiry. You can combine Pastelle Laser Genesis with other laser treatments that do not break the skin or cause excessive heat and redness, such as the Laser Toning and or Carbon Peel. These three make up the famous Carbon Spectra Laser Peel, renowned for helping to produce radian [...] Read Full Answer

How many laser genesis treatments will I need?

Thankyou for your inquiry.  The condition of your skin will dictate how many treatments are ideal for you. Generally, we recommend 4-8 treatments about 2 weeks apart. Please do not hesitate to call our Chermside clinic on 3350 6021 to book in a complimentary skin consultation or if you have a [...] Read Full Answer

How do laser genesis treatments feel?

Thankyou for your inquiry. Many patients describe Pastelle Laser Genesis treatments as relaxing and therapeutic. The surface of your skin will feel warm as the laser handpiece moves about a centimetre above the surface of your skin. This is a 15-20-minute treatment that has virtually no discom [...] Read Full Answer

How long will the results last from laser genesis?

Thankyou for your inquiry.  You will see improvement within a few days, but your skin will continue to renew itself and will actually look even better a month or so after your last treatment. For this reason, repeat treatments should be spaced several weeks to 6 weeks apart.  For best on [...] Read Full Answer

I have been going to the gym and changed my diet before Christmas and i still can\\\'t seem to shift the annoying fat around my belly. Is there a treatment that can help with that?

Thankyou for your inquiry. We have just the thing! We specialise in body contouring for those genetic deposits of stubborn fat that as you said do not shift even with weight loss. This is common around the flank area, tummy and inner thighs just to name a few. We use cooling and heat to treat th [...] Read Full Answer

How does the Secret RF acne scaring treatment feel like? Is it uncomfortable?

Thankyou for your inquiry. We use the Endymed Intensif Micro needling and Radiofrequency treatment for acne scarring. We apply a topical anaesthetic to the skin 45- 60 mins prior to treatment. This eliminates the discomfort associated with the needles. Some client can still feel the heat from the [...] Read Full Answer

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