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Practice Manager at Academy Face and Body.  I am responsible for 20 medical and non-medical staff, HR, marketing, finances, facilities and management of our onsite government licenced day twilight sedation hospital, Academy Day Hospital.  I am also a registered nurse and do some cosmetic injecting.  Our business has 3 cores: cosmetic surgery, injectables and dermal therapies.

Previously I have managed medical centres, an orthodontic practice, worked in white collar recruitment and also held some positions as PA back in the day.

I absolutely love my job - I am surrounded by the best team and I love this industry as it is ever changing and progressive.

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What treatment options are available for scars and stretchmark’s?

There are a range of treatments available such as CO2 Laser, Fractional Laser, Skin Needling, Chemical Peels and Hydrafacial.  You would need a consultation with a Dermal Therapist to decide which would be the best option for you.  Our consultations are complimentary.  Visit our website to find more information on all of these treatments.

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