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Suite 205, 1 princess street, kew

The Victorian Dermal Group is the only clinic to offer a unique and broad range of skin treatments in Melbourne using the latest treatment methods, technology

 and devices.

Victorian Dermal Group is a boutique clinic specializing in non-surgical cosmetic solutions providing expert advice, ongoing care and treatment for skin concerns, enhancements, facial rejuvenation and leg veins.

 Our tertiary-qualified clinicians work closely with dermatologists to develop a multi-prong approach to skin treatment.


 At Victorian Dermal Group, it is not just about what laser we have on offer.


Our treatment approach is personal and realistic. We use advanced technology, with an array of devices to choose to find the most suitable and safest option for each skin type and condition.

Lead dermal clinician and general manager Derya Koch said:  “We marry the safest and most advanced laser technology to ensure the best possible results. We only use medical grade lasers in our practice to deliver proven, safe and precise results.”


Koch is committed to offering the safest and most effective treatments to clients.  The Victorian Dermal Group is affiliated with and works closely with specialist medical practitioners and is able to deliver a wide range of treatment with diverse technologies.



Tucked away in the heart of Kew, the Victorian Dermal Group was set up in 2012 and it is the only clinic to offer a unique and broad range of skin treatments in Melbourne using the latest treatment methods and technology.


Victorian Dermal Group is a boutique clinic. We are not focused on volume. Client and patient care is really important to us, we have access to an onsite doctor and affiliated dermatologist and we keep up to date with technological laser and device advances.


These affiliations provide a multidisciplinary approach, with access to a variety of different devices to provide our clients with the safest and effective treatment options. Clinicians are tertiary qualified with an extensive amount of experience and skin focused knowledge.

Client pre-consultation, education and personalised care is highly valued.  Victorian Dermal Group is dedicated to excellence and believes in providing its clients with accurate information and scientifically proven treatment methods so they can make fully informed decisions about their skin concerns and health.


Derya Koch is the face of Victorian Dermal Group. Her strong social media presence and recommendations are testament to the personalised service she offers.

As an owner-operated business, Victorian Dermal Group is totally about you. This is about finding the best possible treatment for you – not what has worked on someone else.

Our commitment is to provide specialist advice and realistic expectations

All our motivated team members attend regular educational seminars and accredited medical cosmetic conferences. We take pride in our dedication, ensuring you receive the best possible care and consistently positive outcomes.

We perform a thorough consultation prior to any treatment recommendations, a detailed skin assessment and client concerns will determine the most appropriate treatment avenue and topical skincare. The recommended treatment options are in explained in detail using diagrams and charts to ensure the client/patient has completely understood the treatment process. If there are any concerns or queries our team will discuss this with their colleagues and the medical practitioners.

We perform a thorough consultation prior to any treatment, this allows us to gather the required information that will enable us to devise the most effective and appropriate treatment plan for that individual patient/client. We pride ourselves on providing expert ethical advice, we have a strong team environment, we are all always available if another opinion or further advice is needed.


The Victorian Dermal Group use the most current treatment methods and technology available, regularly attending educational conferences and seminars.

We are a credited Pigmentation Centre, offering our clients/patients the latest in pigmentation treatments from around the world.  When it comes to non-surgical cosmetic solutions, Victorian Dermal Group has led the way in this fast-changing and often confusing field.

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Can you have Chemical Peels on the Body?

Yes this is possible. However, you can only treat a certain size area at the one time. THis is due to toxicity of the chemicals.

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