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Professional Profile : Maree Andersen of Soho Skin Management.

As a passionate & committed Facialist and Advanced Skin Therapist I have been giving people back there confidence thru bespoke treatment plans for 20 years.
In this time my dedicated and caring approach has earned me a reputation that has led to me performing freelance photographic makeup, pre & post operative paramedical programs and bespoke skin rejuvenating treatments for high profile personalities, TV presenters, Magazine editors, artists, designers, CEO's and the general public.
With a drive to keep updated with industry trends, a dedication to continued personal development and knowledge, an eye for detail and a passion for bringing the best out in my clients complexion, I have become one of the most respected skin specialists in Brisbane. Discretion and a dedication to help each individual achieve their skincare goals is of utmost importance to me as results are always my aim. I only take on a set amount of clients a day to ensure each are receiving the care and attention they deserve.
I choose to only use the best quality natural cosmeceutical & clinical grade skincare and makeup available to ensure my clients receive the total luxury salon experience with the added benefit of Medical grade results. My approach to fixing skin concerns is a gentle and accumulative one, ensuring my clients safety and comfort at all times. I have made it my goal to become an expert in the use of safe and non invasive techniques like Non Ablative Fractional Laser, IPL, Elight, Epidermal Leveling, Skin Needling, Microdermabrasion, Hydromicrodermabrasion, LED Photo Dynamic Light Therapy and advanced clinical facials and peels to get noticable and on going results.
My focus is and will always be the end result for my valued clients. Because of this I will continue to grow with this exciting and ever evolving industry so my clients are always receiving the best and safest treatments available.

Questions & Answers

What is the best treatment for fat removal above the knee caps?


I use Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation combined with detoxification body wrap to help with the removal of unsightly cellulite and fat from the knee and thigh area.

Most clients will see centimetre reduction in each treatment. Often more from the thighs as the liquified fat will be subject to gravity and can move down the leg until the lymphatic system has picked up the melted fat and removed it.

I recommend 6 - 10 treatments over a period of 5 weeks for the best accumulative result. a 30mins session is $199 and if you pre pay for 6 treatment we will give your another 4 treatments for free, making 10 treatments all up.

Please let me know when you would like a consultation and I will arrange one for you.

Kind regards,

Maree Andersen

Facialist and Para-medical clinician

Soho Skin Management 1300 21 7646

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