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What is PRP Treatment?

PRP stands for Platlet Rich Plasma. This can be manually injected or we really like combing this treatment with Dermapen to get the ultimate collagen stimulation. PRP is great for stimulating collagen, helping improving look look of fine lines and wrinkles. Great for anti ageing and you heal up sup [...] Read Full Answer

I am afraid of having surgery, what options are there for a face lift without surgery?

There are quiet a few options now to lift the face without having surgery. 1) Thermage radio frequency treatment. This is a once off treatment which give you 18months to 3 years result. Great way to tighten the skin with no down time. 2) Revolumising the face with a liquid face lift. We use filler [...] Read Full Answer

Can you have Chemical Peels on the Body?

Yes we can defintely do peels on the body. The strengths and type of peels used can change depending on area and what the skin concern is. At ICCM we like to use the Enerpeel range which have custom made peels for different areas of the body. E.g Hand peels, Neck and Decolletage Peels, Back peels et [...] Read Full Answer

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