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Mira Clinic

45 Havelock Street
West Perth
Western Australia

Our Entry for the Award:
Best Practice Website - Aesthetic & Medispa

Please provide us with details about your website. What were the key factors you considered when having it designed and developed? Who created your website for you?

Our website is

We wanted our website to reflect the style and ethos of our physical clinic. Therefore the brief given to our website designers was that we wanted to convey the sense of classic and timeless elegance of our grand old building, which has been recently equipped with modern design elements and cutting-edge equipment. 

Using a muted/earthy colour palette consisting of barley, cinder and anthracite tones we've achieved the premium look & feel of the physical clinic which prepares our clients for the luxurious ambience they will experience when they later attend our clinic. With our minimalist logo prominently displayed, and the website's peripheral styling sharp & elegant, we've managed to create natural emphasis on key areas - as well draw from our internal clinic design. 

Clients know to expect world class service and attention to detail in a stress free environment for their consultations and treatments.

Our in-clinic consultations emphasise tailored solutions with as much pre-treatment education as possible. We have found detailed education on treatments and the client's expected experience, result in our clients feeling more confident and less fearful of prospective treatments.  Coming from a truly educational standpoint - our content was developed to reflect the answers to the most commonly questions which we are asked. The content had to not only be medically accurate, but also understandable and easily navigable to the user. We used industry best-practice methods to ensure the website we built was conducive to high users click-through rates, compelling the user to explore our information and resources.

We are proud of the work that we have done to ensure that our website is perfectly mobile friendly and responsive and not be overwhelming despite containing a significant amount of information. This is all acheived while giving the user the appropriate impression of our business through the visual and interactive design. Pages like are appropriately segmented to ensure users aren't simply delivered one large piece of text. Instead the pages have custom designed sections which evolve through the page ending with our detailed set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) which I personally (Dr Andrew Clark) wrote.

We ensured each and every aspect of the site build was conducted to the highest of standards, and we firmly believe the Mira website is the best website in the industry, in the country.

Our site was built by Azuri Group, whom we chose to work with because of the strength of their portfolio and their knowledge of the unique challenges related to promoting cosmetic medicine clinics whilst remaining compliant with the medical advertising guidelines.

Please provide some examples of unique and original content designed to inform and educate potential patients and existing clients. is an example of the format and strategy of content we were after.

We wanted a unique appearance compared with other websites. We particularly wanted to avoid having a single large block of text. The page contains quite a large amount of information, which we have managed to include in a beautiful, informative and compelling manner.  By using the expandable text functionality, the user is able to explore more information relevant to their particular interest. As a bonus we are able to monitor which are the questions within the page that are of most interest to our web site visitors.

The medical advertsing guidelines prevent us from using in our website the brand names (and ingredient names) for the schedule 4 prescription only medications (such as "Botox" or "Dysport" or "botulinum toxin") that we use when we perform wrinkle relaxing injections. Different members of our industry use different methods to price their services (such as using a "dollars per unit" system). Given that there are different brands with different units (and no uniformity in how the different units can be compared and advertised) it can be very confusing for the consumer trying to understand what they are going to receive and at what price!

In order to provide transparency to our prospective clients, we have opted to go for fixed pricing per area with our wrinkle relaxers. Therefore we feel that it is important that the definitions of the treatment areas, (and our policies regarding the units used and our policy for "topping up") are clearly spelled out in a concise and simple format.

Also pages like show that we've used brief & effective "bursts" of information to ensure we don't overwhelm the user with unecessarily excessive amounts of content, yet give all information required.

It's our responsibility to educate users of our website to grow the entire industry by stimulating new growth - not just attracting people to our clinic. We've done so by providing informative content to our users which give them valuable inforamtion about the cosmetic industry.

We wanted to take an un-intimidating approach with content which relieves the reader and reduces concerns. Eg -

Do you have video content on your website? If so, describe how you use this to engage with visitors to your site.

The video on our Lip Fillers page is an example of the media we are currently creating for Mira Clinic, to give the user not only a visual introduction to the look and feel of our clinic, but to represent the skill of our team and reflect the high standards of results we produce.


In no more than 500 words, please tell us why you feel your website stands out and should be awarded the title of Best Practice Website.

We strongly believe we not only have some of the best content on our website - but truly have the most beautiful website in the industry which sets new standards. Rather than the "templated" look that many other sites have, we've taken a completely bespoke approach to each and every aspect of the build of our website - which is evident in the end product. 

We challenge you to find a more beautiful website in the cosmetic industry.

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