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Mira Clinic

45 Havelock Street
West Perth
Western Australia

Our Entry for the Award:
Best New Practice launched within 18 months

Tell us about your new clinic. When did you open? Is this your first clinic or have you moved to a new location/expanded an existing business? Why did you choose the location? How do you feel your new clinic meets the demands of the area you have opened in?

Prior to opening this clinic, I have worked in cosmetic medicine clinics as an employee doctor or independent contractor and as a (minority) shareholder. This is my first clinic wholly owned and operated by myself (Dr Andrew Clark).

I wanted to create a clinic that was going to be so much more than just a functional space in which to practice cosmetic medicine. I wanted to create a clinic that transported visitors to a luxurious sanctuary where the aesthetic attention to detail of the business was conspicuous at every level. The branding, the website, the customer service, the booking process, the physical aspects of the clinic, the nature of the consultations, treatments and the follow up, all had to be developed with this in mind.

I felt that confidence in one’s practitioner(s), combined with a unique and stylish experience would entice clients to travel across the city for their treatments. Which is why I decided not to choose a sub-urban location based on the absence of competitor businesses. Instead I set out to find an older elegant building with renovation potential in a location that had excellent parking, and that was close to major transport routes.

It took some considerable effort to find the premises (as it was not being actively advertised). The location was perfect as it is only a few minutes’ drive to Perth’s main freeway, which provides access to a huge proportion of Perth’s population in under 30 minutes of driving. The location is also convenient to the CBD, with bus stops from the CBD via Perth’s free “City Cat” bus service.

Once the renovation was completed (along with a myriad of branding, website, booking software and other operational tasks) MIRA Clinic was formally opened at a Gala Event hosted by Mr John Burgess (of "Wheel of Fortune" fame) on 30th November 2016. The unveiling of the opening plaque was officiated by the Lord Mayor of Perth, the Right Honourable Lisa-M Scaffidi, in front of a crowd of over 100 of Perth TV personalities, including politicians, bloggers, models and business owners (which was covered by a photographer from our local GP.

Our goal is to continue to produce and publish educational materials for our clients and prospective clients, including videos, articles and brochures. By building an attractive clinic, a reputation for being industry experts, with competitive prices, central location and ample parking, we have found that clients have been willing to travel from all over Perth (and indeed from much further afield) to come and patronise our services.



Tell us about the design and interiors of the new clinic. How did you go about renovating or building the clinic? How did you decide on how the interiors would look?

MIRA clinic is situated in a gorgeous 2 storey federation-era home situated just a short distance from the Perth CBD. It is possible to easily reach the clinic from the major freeways, or to catch the free "City Cat" bus from the city.

The building was last renovated in 1993, the green carpet, pink walls, fluorescent strip lights and laminex covered chipboard built-in furniture was causing the building to look decidedly tired.

I enlisted the help of my good friends Carole and Russell Bramston and their business "Design Rules", (who were runners up in the 2014 series of Channel Seven's "House Rules”). We had just 3 weeks to complete the renovation and get ready for opening day. The vision was to create a renovation that was consistent with the brand identity of “Old becomes New”. The "Old becomes New" theme is demonstrated in the website and front sign hero image that features two overlayed images. One in blue of a contemporary modern female model, and the other image in pink of a beautiful Victorian era woman (see image number 4).

To achieve this we felt it was necessary to emphasise the best features of the historic building such as the huge rooms, the high ceilings (3.5 metres), the timber floors, the ornate architraves, and the ceiling plaster features. Instead of trying to renovate in a "period" style, we wanted to bring the feeling of modernity and cutting edge that one expects from a premium aesthetic clinic. We did this by choosing an eclectic combination of furniture and light fittings from famous mid-century designers as well as modern day designers. Light fittings in the clinic are from Lindsey Adelman, Raimond Putts, and Jonathan Adler. The furniture pieces are by classic designers such as Eames, Moooi, Rashid and Starck.

So we set to work by stripping away all of the existing carpets, light fittings and built-in furniture. An operating theatre, complete with a 150cm operating theatre lights, was completely dismantled and stripped back (the component parts of the operating theatre were donated to a charity that helps supply African hospitals. All up we filled 5 large skip bins during the renovation.

Whilst incredible attention was lavished on the physical appearance of the renovation, we were also mindful of sticking to sensible design rules to allow the clinic to ultimately operate in a practical manner. Attention was also paid to necessary compliance issues (e.g. waste disposal and sharps bins policy as administered by the Department of health rules; as well as a walk in automatically lockable safe for our injectable products that was compliant with our Poisons license application).

My staff and I got our hands dirty, and assisted Carole and Russell with the whirlwind renovation, along with fantastic assistance from the relevant trades who were selected and project managed by Design Rules.

Please tell us about your team. Did you move into the new clinic with an existing team or have your built a new team from scratch? How did you recruit your staff? How has the team been integral in the success up of your new clinic?

Dr Clark has been invited to lecture on, and teach cosmetic medicine injection techniques at numerous conferences and venues throughout Asia. He is an International Key Opinion Leader for the dermal filler Ellansé as well as a certified trainer for the administration of Galderma, Anteis, and Sinclair aesthetic medicine products. Dr Clark is a member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and an active participant in many online industry forums.

Already in the short time that MIRA Clinic has been opened, the clinic and Dr Clark have called upon to provide expert commentary on the Aesthetic industry for many articles and segments in magazines, newspapers, radio and television:

- Three different articles appearing in the West Australian newspaper.

- MIRA Clinic and Dr Clark have been interviewed by Channel 7's current affairs program "Today Tonight" and the results of two of MIRA Clinic clients are expected to be featured on the program next week.

- Aesthetic Medical Practitioner magazine (Issue 10 pages 90 to 93; and Issue 10 pages 104 to 106) 

- The Asian Aesthetic Guide 

- Australian CosBeauty Magazine (Issue 77 pages 72 to 73)

Prior to working in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Clark has co-authored scientific articles in the fields of Muscle Biochemistry, and Microvascular Physiology. His papers have appeared in The American Journal of Physiology, Diabetes, Microvascular Research Journal, Asian Aesthetic Journal, Diabetologia, The Scandinavian Journal of Physiology, The Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care, Clinical Science (London) and ATVB (Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology Journal).


The staff for the new clinic were hand picked from a group of talented and motivated individuals whom I had already had the pleasure of working with at my earlier appointments. I wanted to ensure that these established and successful people (registered nurses, dermal therapists and receptionists) would choose to join my

 So before I approached them I made sure to complete:

  • the technical design drawings for the new clinic.
  • the new logos, brand artwork, branding style guide
  • rough draft of the website,
  • mission statements for the business with an emphasis on tailored treatments and strategies to minimise complications, maximise education and maximise client satisfaction
  • the opening business plan and projected financials

Equipped with what I hoped was a compelling sales pitch I approached these key individuals and I was delighted when 100% of them agreed to join my new venture.

It was always going to be difficult to get such a large centrally located clinic operating successfully during difficult economic conditions. It was only possible because the selected staff already had the key skills to execute the plan as well as a shared passion for providing exceptional cosmetic treatments, only after comprehensive and realistic education to clients before all treatments.

In no more than 500 words, please explain how you feel that you offer a high standard of clinical care to your patients.

The stylish ambience and the cutting edge design of the clinic immediately puts clients at ease. They sense immediately that this is a professional group of practitioners who are focussed on the comfort of their clients as well as possessing an attention for style, proportion and detail. The treatment areas are fully compliant with all relevant Department of Health guidelines, but they do not look or feel like a regular medical surgery. There are no immunisation or cancer information posters, only contemporary professionally framed and hung art work. 

Both our AHPRA registered staff (medical practitoners and registered nurses) and our non-AHPRA registered staff (dermal therapists, skin care consultants and receptionists) attend regualr training sesssions within the clinic. Training is sometimes performed by senior staff and sometimes by external training provicers. All staff also regularly attend both Australian and international conferences, most recently a dermal filler injecting Masterclass in Bangkok.

The rooms of our clinic are extremely spacious and comfortable with plenty of interesting artwork and designer furntiure pieces to admire and to distract from any discomfort that might be felt during treatments. We have 4 large treatment rooms that are in full time use, and luxurious reception and waiting areas. We provide a full suite of non-surgical cosmetic medical and aesthetic services: 

  • Wrinkle Relaxer injections
  • Dermal Filler Injections
  • Beauty Booster injections of non-cross linked hyaluronic acid (using the Korean V2 injector)
  • Hydradermabrasion and nutrient infusion using the Hydrafacial®
  • IPL for rejuvenation
  • IPL for hair reduction
  • Enlighten® Cutera Laser for Pigment
  • Enlighten® Cutera Laser for wrinkle reduction using the Multi-Focus Array Lens
  • Enlighten® Cutera Laser for Tattoo removal
  • Belkyra® Double chin dissolving Injections
  • Radio Frquency Fat Reduction using Vanquish®
  • Dermapen treatments
  • Platelet rich Plasma rejuvenation
  • LED Skin Rejuvenation using the XEN®

We also advise on and sell the Cosmoceutical ranges from Aspect Doctor and Teoxane. For help with post treatment cover up we advise on and sell the Oxygenetix range of foundation.

With the economic downturn in Perth (after the decline in mining investment), many clients are looking for ways to reduce their expenditure. However, consumers are still very demanding when it comes to the high level of service that they expect and (perhaps more importantly) the excellent results they demand from cosmetic medicine treatments. By focusing on non-surgical treatments and using my experience to develop an algorithmic approach to the delivery of these treatments, I felt that it was possible to deliver the highest quality treatments but at a fixed price which was significantly lower than the prevailing market rates.


Please provide some examples of patient testimonials about your clinic.

As you would be aware, the Australian Health Practitioners Authority prohibit the solicitation or promotion of client testimonials for the advertising of businesses that perform medical and nursing treatments. Nevertheless, we do not have the ability to edit or control the reviews that are posted by members of the public to our Facebook page and our Google Places listing.

We are very proud of the fact that we have had 50 unsolicited Facebook ratings published about MIRA Clinic (at the time of preparing this entry) and so far all of them have been “5-Star". Many of these ratings have been accompanied by postive testimonials. The positive commentary from the public about our clinic praises our friendliness, our passion for our jobs, the beauty of the clinic as well as referring to superior results from treatments done at our clinic. Ultimately the best testimonials are those where our clients are so happy with their expereince that they want to encourage their friends and family to visit us so that they might also enjoy the same experience.

Please have a look at our many reviews at:

I think the following comprehensive review that we found posted online about us, described nicely all of the key client experience touch points that we strive to ensure leave our clients delighted to visit us:

Where can I even start
I made a cheeky booking wondering if I could get in on the same day, and to my delight I could. TICK
You have on site parking. TICK
I was greeted kindly be your delightful receptionist and immediately offered refreshments. TICK
Forms to fill in, that's to be expected. I arrived early to ensure they were done in time for my appointment TICK
Claire greeted me warmly and showed me to the consulting room, where we had a great chat about what I was after, what my concerns were, what I've had performed previously - and all the while she is checking me out (in a professional way) watching my expressions, muscles, lines etc and making her own assessments. TICK
After much discussion and a FaceTime with Dr Andrew, we decided what we'll be carrying out today and even discussed future treatments (which I'm incredibly excited about) I had the relaxers I was after, I had the lip fillers I was after - the numbing - THAT IS INCREDIBLE I won't spoil it for others, but that is by far the best numbing I've ever had.

I can't wait for my next visit. You'll be seeing me again and I'll be telling EVERYONE about you.

Thank you for an amazing clinic, and amazing practitioner in Claire, who made me feel very comfortable, informed and relaxed throughout the entire visit, and amazing products. Can't wait to see how long I get out of these lip fillers. Well worth the extra $$$ I think.

See you soon for cheeks �








Explain how you deal with challenging or difficult clients and complaints?

Our clinic places a huge emphasis on setting expectations BEFORE treatment. One the main KPI's that we monitor closely is the rate of complaints or comments from clients regarding outcomes being less pleasing than hoped for. We recognise that no matter how skilful an aesthetic practitioner might be, it will be inevitable that some clients will have hoped for better, or longer lasting results than what was ever possible.

We aim to minimise complaints or comments of this nature by dedicating significant time and effort in educating clients on the mechanism of action and likely results of proposed treatments. We use a library of before and after images that are typical of actual results and honest in describing the amounts and costs of treatments undergone to achieve those results. By using this approach we often end up losing potential business (as patients who are hoping of impossible results are turned away). But by doing this we massively increase or rates of satisfied clients and decrease our rates of complaints. In the long run this has proven to be to our benefit as we have improved client loyalty and client referral rates.

In no more than 500 words, please tell us why you feel you should win the title of Best New Practice.

MIRA clinic has only been open for 10 months, in that time we have already seen and treated over 2000 separate individuals. We have developed and implemented a successful consultation and treatment process that results in much higher client satisfaction rates and extremely low rates of patient complaints. We have created a stunning physical space with gorgeous and stylish decorations, our consultations are long and informative, yet we have managed to acheive high enough treatment volumes to keep our treatment prices extremely competitive. We have created a suite of branding and educational materials including a library of "before and after" pictures, as well as an extensive list of FAQs addressing every part of the treatment process. We have started to produce a range of educational and promotional videos that will be used both in clinic and in public social media to help inform prospective clients about prospective treatments.

Doing all of this has required a monumental effort from an incredible team. I believe our acheivements are even more extraordinary when you consider that economic conditions in Perth recently have been tough.

Winning this title would provide an extremely well deserved validation of the incredible amount of hard work that they have put in. We hope that the acheivements of our clinic caninspire our peers to focus on patient satisfaction and costomer experience.



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