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About Us

MyFaceMyBody: making aesthetic beauty accessible.

We are a media outlet that provides consumers with exciting insight into the aesthetics industry – helping them make confident decisions around their beauty regimes.

Our website’s format means that we give consumers direct access to a global network of health, fitness and beauty experts. Some of the biggest companies and famous professionals will engage with consumers who ask questions via the website.

We have five key areas where we help brands connect with consumers:

1., which is now one of the largest independent resources for consumers internationally, giving them access to more than 13,000 pages of treatment education and 2000 videos. The “Q&A” interactive format enables industry experts to help consumers and lead them on a successful journey to looking and feeling better.

2. The MyFaceMyBody Awards are the most glamorous awards in the aesthetics industry. Attended by a mixture of industry experts from dental, cosmetic surgery, aesthetic and the beauty industry as well as celebrities, the awards celebrate all that is exceptional and innovative.

3. The MyFaceMyBody TV Show and the Stephen Handisides Show. We operate in the niche TV sector of aesthetics and beauty and moved from online to the big screen on SkyTV in 2010. The format is innovative, sexy and cool as Stephen brings his modern style of presenting to the beauty, dental and aesthetics industry.

4. The Ultimate Beauty Guide. Launched in 2014 this is our flagship publication. Featuring the best experts from the health, beauty and aesthetics industry, the guide is sleek, sophisticated and a product consumers will want to return to time and time again.

5. Help My Business Series. The MyFaceMyBody ‘Help My Business’ event is a three part inspirational workshop focusing on those who want to take their business to the next level. The Help My Business series is a unique business focused workshop that will be hosted over three dates throughout the Summer & Autumn with the aim of giving you the tools and knowledge to grow your business. Led primarily by four highly experience business consultants along with other specialist guest speakers, the days focus on giving you practical guidance, how to’s, tips, tools and takeaways to build and grow your practice.

MyFaceMyBody offers consumers a one-of-a-kind experience by providing the collective wisdom of thousands of health and beauty experts to greatly simplify the search for quality information.





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