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What Are Cankles – And Why Cheryl Cole Hates Hers

While most women are fortunate to have a narrowing where the lower calf and ankle meet, giving a shapely contour, some have little or no discernible difference in shape – which is known as cankles.

Age and status is not a factor, and nor is whether you have long or short legs, are slim or overweight. Cankles are inherited, just as you may have inherited your mother’s apple or pear body shape.

A string of celebrities such as Mischa Barton and Dame Helen Mirren have been spotted bearing cankles. Even TV presenter Davina McCall once admitted: “My legs have always been my worst feature. I have cellulite, flabby knees, no muscle and severe cankles.”

The issue has arisen again this week thanks to pictures of Cheryl Cole which showed her ankles merging into…you guessed it… her lower calves!

The Geordie singer and X-Factor star may be pleased to learn that there IS a solution to cankles. Non-invasive, laser liposuction helps thin and re-shape the ankle area and help smooth out the aesthetic flaw. It’s a relatively simple procedure which requires no overnight stay in hospital and recovery time is short.

If you’re interested in learning more about cankle treatments then why wait? Take a small step today towards finding out more by speak to an expert in your local area. Click HERE.

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