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Laser Lipo are proud to announce the arrival of the Strawberry


Millions of people keep up-to-date in our modern fast-moving society by relying on their Blackberry. However, in the world of slimming health and beauty treatments, the word on everyone’s lips will soon be the ‘Strawberry’.

The brains behind the market-leading LaserLipo weight loss technology have just announced the arrival of their new state-of-the-art body contouring system which is set to revolutionise non-invasive procedures.

Following the success of the Lapex BCS, the Strawberry takes inch loss to a new level, reducing treatment times while increasing the size of the potential treatment area.

The Strawberry – so called because of its unique shape – is the only low-level laser on the market that can boast up to 60 diodes, equivalent to 7-and-a-half ordinary treatment paddles.

The machine uses a combination of up to three different low-level laser heads which pass laser energy into the skin to boost the production of collagen, increase the skin’s elasticity, reduce fat and tighten the skin. The procedure is completely painless and non-invasive, with up to eight treatments recommended for best results. Each session costs from £500-£1,000 depending on the size of the treatment area.

The multi-purpose functions of the Strawberry not only help inch loss, but have also been proved to smooth unsightly stretch marks by up to 70%; reduce eye bags by stimulating new cell growth and reducing eye bag fat; and it can even help to get rid of man boobs! By placing the laser on traditional acupuncture sites on the face, hand and ear, the treatment can also be used to reduce nicotine cravings to help smokers give up the habit.

Cosmetic surgery queen Cindy Jackson is heading the campaign to promote the UK-made Strawberry worldwide. Cindy, inventor of the extreme makeover, says: “I had eight sessions on my neck, thighs and abdomen with the Strawberry and it was fantastic. It was absolutely painless – in fact I fell asleep during most of the treatments!

“The Strawberry offers a safe, effective alternative for people who don’t or can’t have surgery. I am delighted with the results, especially the tightening of the skin on my neck. I recommend it highly and will be going back for more treatment to fine-tune my knees.”

Laser Lipo Group Director Ian Cobley says: “I think when people see what the Strawberry can do they will be amazed. The treatments are up to an extraordinary standard and the Strawberry is streets ahead of anything our rivals have to offer. We are already getting phenomenal interest from around the world and it’s great to think the Strawberry is made here in the UK.”

To find out more information about Laser Lipo visit our educational section now!

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