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An old Hollywood trick used to make stars look younger for their close up shots has been given a makeover.

The Hollywood Face-Lift uses a similar principle adopted by Hollyowood greats keen to look fresh faced on camera. They used to use transparent tape to pull their skin upwards from the cheek and jowls to restore facial contour. Unlike this temporary DIY face-lift, the Hollywood Face-Lift can give results, which last up to 10 years without the downtime of traditional surgery.

The treatment is performed under local anaesthetic takes place under local anaesthetic and involves creating two small incisions: one at the hairline and the other 1-2 inches higher. Skin at the cheek area is loosened with a special instrument and pulled up. It is stitched under upwards tension. The small wounds are then closed with a few stitches that are hidden by the hair. The client is then asked to keep a pressure dressing on the area for two weeks, for the best results. Initial skin tethering is common, but this smoothes out once skin starts tightening within two weeks. The wounds heal during this time and the sutures are removed. 

 Dr Alexandra Chambers, a leading Harley Street Doctor who specialises in this treatment says, “The Hollywood Face-Lift is ideal for men and women with moderate skin sagging and it is an effective way of giving the face and immediate and lasting lift, particularly around the jowl area.  Many women favour this as an alternative to Botox as the effect lasts longer.”

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